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Our technical team is here to support you at every step in the design, development, manufacturing, and testing of your components and assemblies. Review our FAQs for common questions and answers and submit your additional questions today.


What are the tolerances you can achieve for your thin film circuits?

SemiGen is capable of producing thin film circuits with lines and space widths as low as .0005". To learn more download our thin film design guidelines >>

What recommendations do you have for bonding to small mesa chips?

Small mesa chip bonding is an art that requires process know-how and specialized tools. We've covered this issue in depth in our tech brief "Tips for Increasing Yields When Wire Bonding Small Mesa Chips" >>

What's the difference between ion beam milling and chemical etching thin film circuits?

While both are technically considered subtractive processes, our anisotropic ion beam milling, or etching process, is a more precise, repeatable, and cleaner approach over the more random process of traditional material subtraction via chemical etching. Learn more by reading our tech brief "Leveraging the Precision of Ion Beam Milling Vs. Chemical Etching of Thin Film Circuits" >>

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