The SemiGen SBD series of Planar Back (Tunnel) Diodes are fabricated on germanium substrates with passivated, planar construction and all gold metallization for reliable operation up to +110 ºC.

Unlike the standard tunnel diode IP is minimized for detector operation and binned in five values offering varying degrees of sensitivity and video impedance.

The back detector is generally operated with zero bias and is known for its excellent temperature stability and fast video rise times.

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Tunnel Diodes

Conditions Ip Cj* K Rv Ip/Iv Vr Vf
VR=Vv PIN=-20dBm   IR=500uA IF=3mA
f=100MHz RL=10kΩ, f=10GHz
Part (uA) pF (Max) mV/mW (Typ.) Ω (Typ.) (Min) mV(Min) mV(Max)
SBD1057-XX 100-200 0.3 1000 180 2.5 420 135
SBD2057-XX 200-300 0.3 750 130 2.5 410 130
SBD3057-XX 300-400 0.3 500 80 2.5 400 125
SBD4057-XX 400-500 0.3 275 65 2.5 400 120
SBD5057-XX 500-600 0.3 250 60 2.5 400 110
*For packaged devices add 0.25pF to calculate total capacitance (CT)


  • Rugged Germanium Planar Construction
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • No DC Bias Required
  • Wide Video Bandwidth


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