SemiGen Increases Contract Manufacturing Capability with New Microwave and PCB Assembly and Test Equipment

We are pleased to announce that after moving into our new state-of-the- art facility, we’ve made an additional capital investment of over a half million dollars in new production, wafer fab, and testing equipment to support customer demand. 


The new equipment consists of improvements across our entire service platform and includes: a new Mycronic MY300 pick and place system; two new Westbond wire bonders, a new Centrotherm eutectic vacuum chamber, new HTOL / HTRB ovens; as well as a new Disco DAD3220 dicing saw. In addition, we’ve made upgrades in their high-frequency testing department which includes several new pieces of performance testing and metrology tools.


“I’m excited to be in a position to continue to invest in and grow this important domestic outsource business,” said Tim Filteau, President of SemiGen. “Our CEO, Jim Morgan, has said we must do our best  to help our customers augment their design, assembly, and hi-rel testing and up-screening capabilities, and it feels great to see this new equipment getting up and running to do just that."


SemiGen is a leading USA-based outsource to OEMs in the RF/microwave, military, space, homeland security, optical, medical device, and commercial wireless markets. Our services and products are designed to fill voids in the manufacturing supply chain and production floor. SemiGen’s design and manufacturing center includes wire bonding to Si, GaAs, and GaN chips, RF/microwave and PCB assembly, mixed signal digital and analog assembly, module repair, and high frequency testing and up-screening services.


In recent years, SemiGen has invested in coupling their services with in-stock product solutions by carrying the PIN, Limiter, Step Recovery, Point Contact and Schottky Diodes, capacitators, resistors, attenuator pads, inductors, and bonding supplies needed for successful production of several types of solid-state, multi-function assemblies (MFAs) and components. Bonding supplies are available for online purchase. Our team helps with designs, builds prototypes, and handles volume production runs within our new 37,000 square foot facility in Manchester, NH. The facility also includes a class 10,000 clean room. Manual to fully automatic assembly solutions are now available. 


With our recent upgrades in place, we are also offering wafer processing of silicon wafers, as well as processing ceramic substrates. Processing services provided include any combination of photolithography, wet etch, dry etch, metallization, grinding, polishing, and in-process metrology.

The recent investments in our RF and Microwave testing and environmental screening lab has also enabled us to offer high-reliability (Hi-rel) screening of amplifiers, FETs, MMICs, transistors, diodes, and other RF and microwave components operating up into millimeter-wave frequencies.


Tests can be performed and delivered with full documentation in adherence with MIL-PRF-19500, MIL-PRF-38534, and MIL-PRF-38535 requirements. Element evaluation and screening options from Class H, Class K, TX, TXV, S-level, as well as custom SCD driven requirements, are available.


RF and Microwave engineers and OEM procurement agents seeking design for manufacturability (DFM) and purchasing consulting on outsourcing their assembly and test, can submit their technical or operational related questions on our support page.


UPDATE: We're also pleased to announce the recent acquisition of thin film circuit expert Ion Beam Milling.



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