SemiGen Introduces an Array of Diodes, Capacitors, Attenuators, and Inductor Coils

Limiter, Schottky, Step Recovery and Point Contact Diodes 

The SLP7100 series limiter diodes feature a low capacitance, resistance and quick turn on times. These limiters are ideally suited for high-power applications as protection against unwanted power surges or spikes for low noise components. SemiGen’s schottky diodes provide excellent performance for low, medium and high barrier applications through 40 GHz. This series of schottky diodes feature small junction capacitances, low I/F noise, and low resistance for optimum performance and are ideal for mixer applications, modulators, power limiters and high-speed switches. 


SemiGen’s step recovery diodes offer low snap time through voltages ranging from 8 VDC to 120 VDC and are designed for signal generation applications including pulse generators, and parametric amplifiers. The 1N series point contact diodes perform into the Ka-band range with each device in the series designed with low noise figures, these series can serve as drop in replacements for military applications. 


PINs and Beam Lead PINs
The SGP7000 series offers over 50 different PIN diodes with a range between the high-voltage PINs with breakdown voltages of 1000 V and ultra-fast switching PINs with switching speeds of 1.5 ns. The SBL2000 series of beam lead PIN diodes feature switching speeds as low as 3 ns with both low capacitance and resistance. The beam lead PINs offer breakdown voltages as high as 100V, maximum junction capacitances as low as 0.020 pF, and a low series resistance. These PINs are ideal for use in low to high power switch, attenuator, duplexer and phase-shifting applications from 2 to 28 GHz.

Capacitors (Space Qualified Available)

SemiGen’s ideal low loss very high Q mounting capacitors feature low temperature coefficients. With many different sizes and capacitances offered from .1 pF to 2000 pF, these capacitors have a withstanding voltage up to 200 VDC. All capacitors are ideally suited for applications that require DC protection, RF bypassing, or fixed tuning of amplifiers, oscillators, switches, filters, and multipliers. 


Attenuator Pads
SemiGen offers a selection of thirty fixed attenuators pads with an attenuation of 0 dB up to 30 dB (in 1 dB increments). These attenuator pads feature a flat response from DC to up to 50 GHz and offer power handling from 1W to 5W continuous wave (CW) with minimal return losses. These attenuators are optimized for coplanar waveguide or microstrip PCB and microwave module assemblies.


Inductor Coils
SemiGen spiral inductor coils come in ten models with seven different square dimensions with inductance ranging from 1.5 nH to 300 nH. The spiral inductor coils are manufactured to ensure clean edges and uniformity from coil to coil and can be leveraged in microwave circuits and power supplies. 


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