Is it Time to Audit Your Non-Essential RF/Microwave Design, Assembly, and Evaluation Tasks?

The product delivery process is optimized when an RF/microwave manufacturer can optimally leverage the expertise of its team member’s respective specialties. In a busy manufacturing center however, you’ll often find highly skilled design engineers doubling as test engineers and assembly technicians, stealing valuable time and resources from more valuable work. This is counterintuitive to the common goal of every well-managed corporation, which is to reduce or eliminate all non-essential tasks in the workforce and streamline the time to market for their products and services. This line of reasoning will also often raise questions about strategies that include ‘make or buy’ and ‘repair or replace’ type decisions on components, equipment and personnel.


Establishing a relationship with a qualified RF/microwave solutions company such as SemiGen, who also carries key products and provides turnkey testing services, provides an RF product management team the opportunity to step back and evaluate what their internal engineering and production teams do best—and with routine. By outsourcing lower volume and perhaps more unique assembly work, such as repairs, manufacturers avoid idle hands and idle machines. A well-thought-out outsourcing plan also reduces equipment and training costs and allows RF/microwave manufacturers to gain momentum in their RF product research and development.


If a checkup could help your company optimize engineering and production, contact SemiGen for a Professional Design/Production Audit of your RF/microwave manufacturing center.


Learn more about the best practices for outsourcing your RF/microwave assembly and test by downloading our Tech Brief “How RF and Microwave Manufacturers can be Empowered by US-based Contract Manufacturing" below.

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