High-Frequency Testing and Screening

As a true full-service supplier, SemiGen is dedicated to providing turnkey electrical and quality testing of your RF/microwave hybrids and components up through 50 GHz in our in-house test lab. We also provide final inspection and test reports with Certificate of Compliance, as well as full tuning to your requirements. Typical tuning methods include stub-tuning, impedance matching, capacitive, and inductive.

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Test Parameters:

  • Isolation
  • Insertion loss
  • Gain
  • Noise figure
  • VSWR
  • Phase and phase tracking
  • IP3
  • Switching speed
  • Various power testing
  • Lifetime
  • Series resistance
  • DC electricals VF, VB, CT, IR
  • Bond-pull testing and die-shear
  • Failure analysis of diodes and passives

SemiGen: Tips for Increasing Yields when Wire Bonding Small MESA Chips

Tech Brief Describes How To Bond Small Mesa Chips

As MESA chips have decreased in size, so too have their bonding areas. Download our latest Tech Brief and learn how to overcome the challenges of wire bonding to even the smallest MESA chips.

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