Expert PCB assembly when premium quality is the only acceptable outcome.

For high-mix, automated, prototype- to medium-volume printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) SemiGen is your go-to, on-time provider. We help manufacturers of military electronics, commercial products, and medical instrumentation with their leadless, fine-pitch, BGA, and QFP assembly requirements. Our team of certified J-STD-001 and IPC 610 assemblers, combined with two, fully-automated, surface-mount MYDATA machines and high-temperature multi-zoned reflow ovens, are proficient in critical placements. We also offer additional robotic through-hole manufacturing capabilities to support your unique challenges. You can rest assured that whatever your requirements are, your boards will be delivered with the utmost quality and care. A Full Range of Automated Component Handling

SemiGen’s automated PCB line can handle and place a full range of components on virtually any board. This includes everything from 00105 and CSP/FC components to complicated BGA and QFP types. With the trend towards miniaturization and odd-shaped components, it’s essential to have a partner with an all-in-one machine, and more importantly, the experienced staff to run it.

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SMT Assembly Capabilities:

  • High-mix automated PCBA
  • Manual & Robotic through-hole
  • Leadless
  • Fine pitch
  • Micro BGA
  • QFP
  • LIDS
  • In House Xray • Diverse passive components
  • Large boards up to 44" x 32" and 1/2" thick
  • Odd-shaped boards
  • Intelligent Surface Impact Control (ISIC)
  • Design services
  • Quick-turn prototypes

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