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Microwave Bonding Supplies Just When You Need Them.

You asked, we listened. Located adjacent to the SemiGen manufacturing center, our new RF Supply Center offers customers just-in-time delivery of popular wire bonding tools and materials. There are no minimums, and we carry the most popular gold wire and ribbon, film adhesives, encapsulants, epoxy pastes, and wedge and bonding tools from:

      • Ablestik
      • Epoxy Technology
      • Hysol
      • Semiconductor Packaging Materials
      • Gaiser/Coorstek and more.

Online orders are for a max of 3 units. We offer special pricing on 4 units or more. Please call (603) 624-8311 with any questions regarding your order or to request our wholesale pricing.                                               

We're now offering diodes that meet the most common RF / Microwave design specifications. Download the datasheets below to get more information about the diodes we have available. To place an order, please call
(603) 624-8311


PDF icon PIN Diodes
PDF icon Limiter Diodes
PDF icon Chip Capacitors
PDF icon Thin Film Resistors
PDF icon Fixed Attenuator Pads


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